Here’s When Your Fav Eonnis Rocked The Baju Kurung

Source: Gene Martino

The classic style of the baju kurung never fades

The baju kurung is such an effortlessly classy outfit that it’s been embraced by everyone in Malaysia. From the classic baju kurung to the baju kurung moden, each of them has its charm that suits everyone so well.

Originating from the 13th century, the baju kurung is no longer popular in Malaysia, it has even touched international waters. Specifically, some of our favourite K-Pop eonnies have even donned the baju kurung! I mean, with the effect K-Pop has had in Malaysia for the past decade or so, it’s unsurprising that our favourite K-Pop stars are returning the favour. Here are a couple of instances when our favourite K-Pop stars rocked the baju kurung.

Say Nobody With The Wonder Girls

Making a place in our hearts with their hit song, “Nobody”, the Wonder Girls were a worldwide phenomenon. In October 2012, the epic Wonder Girls took place in Stadium Merdeka with 4,000 viewers!

Source: KoreanandKimchi

Look at their elegance and the way they carried themselves!

Halfway through their concert, the Wonder Girls emerged on stage with gorgeous multi coloured baju kurung while belting out their famous song, Be My Baby.

Roughing it up in the jungle?

Source: The Korea Buzz

We can’t help but fall in love with this baju kurung + selendang combo

Popular singer and actress, Nam Gyuri, stunned viewers worldwide when she appeared with a blue baju kurung and a matching selendang while filming for her reality show, Law of The Jungle. The show’s theme featured famous Korean celebrities being taught to survive in remote locations around the world.

What’s more, the actress even tried on a telekung when she entered the Masjid Besar in Brunei.

Eonnies exclusive?

Now, K-Pop eonnies weren’t the only one who has worn baju kurungs in their career, even many of our favourite oppas have worn baju melayu as a way to honour their Southeast Asian fans as well. The most recent mention was BTS’ V wearing a baju melayu a fan had sent him for one of their concerts!

Now, this is a fine time for you to start your Raya shopping early and follow in the steps of the iconic K-pop stars and wear the baju kurung and baju melayu with pride!

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