The Trend in Unplugged Vacations

Trend in Unplugged Vacations

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It may be the constant news of politics and war. It may be that people are becoming burned out by social media, or it may be a hangover from the pandemic. Many travel agents are reporting that as the world slowly opens, its borders once again to travel, a lot of the travelers are booking remote, out-of-the-way destinations. They say that many of their customers, even the younger ones, want nothing more than to put down their phones for a while, dig their toes into the sand on some deserted tropical beach, and listen to the winds and the waves. 

This trend is very good news for the tourism industry in Thailand. With hundreds of islands and resorts featuring just what these travelers are looking for, Thailand seems poised to make up quickly for the losses they incurred during the pandemic. 

Break from the Past Two Years

The past two years threw the world upside down, with the internet playing a large part in enabling people to stay productive from their homes. Staying connected with the world suddenly became a lifeline for many people. But after two years of online video meetings, staying on top of emails, and constant social media, many people have had enough.  

They realized they were all too happy with constant engagement when it was a choice they could make. Once it became necessary for their survival, a daily ritual, and invaded their living space, they soon tired of being chained to their devices. Now that they can get away from their lifestyle of the past two years, they want to get very far away for a good long rest. 

Unplugged vacations are becoming a trend. People are making a point of putting their phone down, looking around and living in the moment while they’re visiting somewhere new. And these people are returning home much happier and more refreshed. 

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